Waycross to Folkston

From Brunswick Junction (MP 586.7), where the former ACL line to Brunswick once made a flat crossing with the ACL line from Jesup to Valdosta, today's line from Fitzgerald and Manchester takes the west quadrant connector around to join that former ACL line, heading south-southwest, past the former location of the Union Station at Waycross (MP 587.5), to South Wye (MP 587.8), where a connector back to the south leg of the wye from Nichols Street turns west, the line to Rice Yard continues ahead, and the line to Folkston and Jacksonville turns southeast, single track, CTC, ABS, maximum speed 70 mph for intermodal trains and 60 mph for other freight trains, past the 8,100 ft. west-side siding, from South Wye, past an additional track on the west side, to South Waycross (MP 589.7), with the Waycross Diesel Shop on the west side, a detector at "Braganza" (MP 591.7), the 10,930 ft. east-side siding, from North Braganza (MP 597.8), past Braganza (MP 598.4), to South Braganza (MP 599.6), and Fort Mudge, turning south-southeast, past the 7,649 ft. east-side siding, from North Race Pond (MP 607.0), past Race Pond (MP 607.8), to South Race Pond (MP 608.6), Cypress Siding, a detector at "Hague" (MP 611.0), a 65 mph speed restriction, from MP 612.0 to MP 612.3, Uptonville, the start of Two Main Tracks at Hague (MP 617.5), a 40 mph speed restriction, starting at MP 620.9, and Folkston (MP 621.1/602.5), where the Nahunta subdivision trails in from the north, and there are crossovers (MP 602.2).