Albany-Rennselaer to Port Road Crossing

There are two passenger tracks and a main track (on the west side) at the east side and island high-level platforms of the station at Albany-Rensselaer (MP142.1), where there is a road bridge above the platforms and the two-storey depot is on the east side of the line, with a footbridge overhead. Both the current depot and the high-level platforms are new since 2000. (The old depot still stands, just north of the north end of the high level platforms and the road bridge overhead.) Heading south, the two passenger tracks reduce to one, and the line passes crossovers at CP-142 (MP 142.0/199.5), where the Post Road branch connection to the Boston Line departs to the southeast, single track, CTC, with maximum speed 79 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freights, past a street alongside to the east, a road bridge overhead, two bridges over streets, an angled road bridge overhead, Intermediate Signals at MP 197.9, a grade crossing, a passenger speed restriction of 65 mph on the curves between MP 196.7 and MP 196.5, where the line turns south, a road briefly alongside to the east, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, Brook View (MP 192.4), a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, an angled grade crossing, Van Hoesen (MP 190.1), where the line turns just east of due south, two road bridges overhead (which appear to be dual but separated), and Port Road Crossing/CP-187 (MP 187.4), where the line trails into the north side of the Boston Line coming east-southeast from Selkirk Yard, which continues south-southeast.