Port Road Crossing to Pittsfield

From Port Road Crossing/CP-187 (MP 187.4), where the Port Road Branch coming just east of due south from Albany Rensselaer trails into the north side of the Boston Line coming east-southeast from Selkirk Yard, the latter continues south-southeast, single track, CTC with Cab Signals, with maximum speed 50 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freights, climbing and turning east, past a grade crossing, MP 186, two grade crossings, MP 184, and a dirt track grade crossing, and then south, past two grade crossings, MP 180.5, where the passenger speed limit drops to 40 mph, a bridge over a river, a detector at MP 178.8, MP 178.0, where the speed limit drops to 35 mph through Chatham, a grade crossing, Chatham (MP 177.5), where the line turns east as a New York Central line once trailed in from the south and a Rutland line once headed north, and an angled grade crossing,.

There is a 25,344 ft. south side Controlled Siding from CP-176 (MP 176.6) to CP-171 (MP 171.8), past MP 176.0, where the speed limit rises to 40 mph as the line turns north-northeast, two bridges over streams, a bridge over an Interstate Highway, and Old Chatham, east-northeast, and north-northeast again.

There is a dragging equipment detector at MP 170.8, a turn east-southeast, southeast past Canaan, two grade crossings, a driveway grade crossing, a grade crossing, and east past a grade crossing, State Line Tunnel (MP 164.8), MP 164.7, where the passenger speed limit rises to 50 mph, an angled road bridge overhead, an angled grade crossing, the state line between New York State and Massachusetts at MP 162.0, a grade crossing, a bridge over a road, and a location where a New Haven line once left to the south-southeast, and turns north-northeast, still climbing, past MP 160, Richmond Furnace, two bridges over roads, Richmond, and a road bridge overhead,  to Richmond Summit, and then starts descending, past a detector at MP 155.5 ("West Pittsfield"), where it makes a gentle curve to just north of due east, past West Pittsfield, the junction at CP-150 (MP 150.6), where double track starts and the Housatonic Railroad line from Danbury trails in from the south, a road alongside to the north, three road bridge overhead, a bridge over a street at MP 149.67, the passenger station with platform to the north at Pittsfield (MP 148.5), two extra tracks to the north, a road bridge overhead, a derelict factory to the north, extra track to the north, a road bridge overhead, a divided highway alongside to the north, and four yard tracks on the north side of the old line at the former junction with the line north to North Adams at North Adams Junction/CP-147 (MP 147.8), where there is a box labeled "147" on the north side.