Conway Yard (CR: PI)

Conway Yard was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the early years of the 20th-century, and rebuilt in 1956 as a double hump yard. The semi-automated eastbound yard has 10 reception tracks, 54 classification tracks and 10 departure tracks, while the automated westbound yard has 11 reception tracks, 53 classification tracks, and 10 departure tracks. The combined yard can hold 11,000 cars and can classify 6000 per day, although the typical 1998 performance is more like 3600 cars per day. There are also locomotive servicing facilities at Conway. After eight years of Penn Central, and 23 years of Conrail ownership, the yard is now owned by Norfolk Southern.

The yard is located 22 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, between the former PRR main line and the north bank of the Ohio River.