Alliance to Homewood Junction

The crossovers at CP Alliance (MP 83.2) are at the intersection of the west-east Fort Wayne Line and the north-northwest to south-southeast Cleveland Line, with connectors in the northeast and southwest quadrants. Amtrak passenger trains change from the Cleveland Line, coming south, to the Fort Wayne Line, heading east (and vice versa) at this location, which has an Amtrak station on the south side of the line, immediately east of the connecting track. The double track line has a speed limit of 25 mph through the connectors, 50-40 to MP 82.8, and 70-60-40 thereafter, past Alliance Junction, where a line heads northeast, Sebring, Beloit, detectors at "Sebring" (MP 79.6), Garfield, crossovers at CP Murph, a turn curvily southeast, Salem (MP 72.0), detectors at "Salem" (MP 69.0), where the speed limit falls to 50-40, MP 66.7, where the speed limit falls to 45-40 as far as MP 64.2, Franklin Square, where the line turns east-northeast, Leetonia (MP 63.2), where an Erie branch and the Youngstown & Ohio River Railroad once crossed the line at grade, a turn east, MP 61.5, where the speed limit rises from 50-40 to 70-50-40, detectors at "Columbiana" (MP 60.8), Columbiana (MP 59.7), where the former Youngstown & Southern passes beneath, MP 59.0, where the speed limit becomes 70-60-40, crossovers at CP Lum (MP 57.5), MP 55.5, where the speed limit falls to 60-40, a turn south-southeast, New Waterford, MP 51.5, where the speed limit falls to 50-40, a turn east, East Palestine (MP 49.9), detectors at "East Palestine" (MP 49.8), the PA-Ohio State Line (MP 48.8), MP 48, where the speed limit falls to 45-40, Enon (MP 45.3), MP 44.5, where 50-40 resumes, a turn due south between MP 42.5 to 42.0, where the speed limit is 40 mph, New Galilee (MP 40.2), where the speed limit falls to 35 mph, detectors at "New Galilee" (MP 39.8), and a turns east-southeast to the crossovers at Homewood Junction (CP Wood, MP 34.8), where the Koppel Secondary trails in from the north, the line turns south, and there is also a connector southeast to the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie line running just a little further east.