Bucyrus to Massilion

From Bucyrus (MP 200.8), and the flat crossing with NS (a former PRR line between Columbus and Bellevue/Sandusky), with connectors in the northwest and northeast quadrants, and former flat crossing with an erstwhile Toledo & Ohio Central line at CP Colsan (MP 200.5), the line heads just south of due east, single track, CTC, with speed limit 50 mph for freights (once the 25 mph restriction west of CP Colsan is cleared), past the 8,750 ft. Controlled Siding at CP East Colsan (MP 198.6), Robinson, a detector at "Robin" (MP 194.5), CP West Yard (MP 191.2), start of an 11,610 ft. Controlled Siding, where the Crestline Yard once was, ending at CP West Crest (MP 189.0), the flat crossing with the former NYC (Big Four) Indianapolis Line at CP Crest (MP 188.7), Crestline (MP 188.6), and the Crestline Connecting Track (southeast quadrant connector) trailing in at CP East Crest (MP 188.2), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start, the line turns east-northeast, and the freight speed limit rises to 60 mph.

There are detectors at "Toledo Junction" (MP 180.5), where the PRR line from Toledo once trailed in from the northwest and the line turns east, east-southeast when the Ashland Railway (a former B&O line south from Willard to Newark) comes alongside to the north, and then south-southeast, with the Ashland Railway still alongside to the north, past MP 176, where a 40 mph speed restriction starts, the flat crossing with the former B&O at CP West Mans (MP 175.7), the flat crossing, with connectors in all four quadrants, with the Harding Connecting Track (former Erie main line) at CP Mans (Mansfield, MP 174.8), where the speed restriction rises to 50 mph as the line turns southeast past Oak Street yard to the east end of the yard at Lynch (MP 174.3), where the 60 mph speed limit resumes, a detector at "Ross" (MP 171.5), where the line turns south, CP Lucas (MP 169.6), where it turns south-southeast, Lucas, where it turns curvily east, a 50 mph speed restriction between MP 168.5 and MP 167.5, a 40 mph speed restriction between MP 165.8 and MP 164.7, detectors at "Melco" (MP 163.8), Coulter, where it turns south, and Perryville, where it turns east.

The line turns east-southeast at Fork (MP 159.0), south-southeast at the 7,090 ft. siding at CP Mohican (MP 157.4), where single track, CTC, resumes, east-southeast at Loudonville, where a line north from Trinway once trailed in, with a 50 mph speed restriction between MP 154.5 and MP 153.0, a detector at MP 153.6, where it turns southeast and then east-northeast again, Lakeville, a 50 mph speed restriction between MP 150.5 and MP 150.0, Big Prairie, Custaloga, where the Lorain, Ashland & Southern once headed north, a detector at MP 146.5, a 50 mph speed restriction between MP 146.5 and MP 144.0, Shreve, where the line turns north-northeast, the route of an erstwhile B&O branch alongside to the east, CP Big Run (MP 138.0), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start again, a 35 mph speed restriction between MP 136.0 and MP 129.5, a former flat crossing where that B&O branch crossed, Wooster (MP 135.2), a turn curvily northeast, detectors at MP 129.5, Smithville (MP 129.5), a turn east-southeast, a turn east-northeast, and a former junction where a PRR line from Columbus once trailed in on the south side.

There is a bridge carrying the Wheeling & Lake Erie line overhead, just east of that former junction, a former junction where the former PRR line to Akron once left on the north side as the line turns east, CP Orr (MP 124.0), where a connector from the W&LE line trails in on the south side and single track, CTC, resumes, with the former right-of-way of an erstwhile W&LE line alongside to the south, then turning away, a detector at "North Lawrence" (MP 115.2), where the line turns just south of due east, Newman, where it turns south-southeast, the flat crossing with an RJ Corman north-south line at CP Mace (MP 110.7) where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start again and the  freight speed limit drops to 50 mph, detectors at "Massillion", a Nimishillen & Tuscarawas line and then a W&LE line departing on the west/south side, a 45 mph speed restriction between MP 110.0 and MP 109.5, as the line turns just north of due east, and Massillon (MP 109.5).