CP Hip to CP Shocks via Enola

From CP Mary (MP 110.9/73.7), south of Marysville where the main line edges away on the west side,  the Enola Branch continues south, passing beneath a bridge carrying the main line, first two single tracks comprising a wye, and then double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), with maximum speed 25 mph, past crossovers at CP-Hip (MP 73.5), turning south-southwest past detectors at MP 73.2, Summerdale, and the north end of Enola Yard at MP 72.6, and runs past the once huge, and still extant, Enola freight yard, the south end of Enola Yard at Day (MP 69.8), where it turns south-southeast, detectors at MP 68.5, crossovers at Stell (MP 68.2) , where the Shippensburg Secondary heads away on the west side, and the speed limit rises to 50 mph on Track 1 (west) and 35 mph on Track 2 (east), and a grade crossing at Stella Avenue.

There was once a PRR line across the river from the passenger station in Harrisburg, to join the Shippensburg line just west of where it turns away from the Enola Branch, and just north of today's former Reading freight line across the river that bridges above the Enola Branch, which continues southeast, along the west bank of the Susquehanna River, past New Cumberland (MP 65.1), signal N-831, where the overall speed limit rises to 50 mph on both tracks, a 45 mph speed  restriction on curves between MP 63.4 and MP 63.2, Marsh Run (MP 61.5), Riverview (MP 58.4), detectors at MP 56.5, Goldsboro (MP 56.1), and Gold (MP 56.0), where it turns south, still along the river, past the islands in the river that include Three Mile Island, to Cly (MP 53.9), turning south-southeast, still along the river, past a speed restriction of 45 mph on curves between MP 52.8 and MP 52.4, York Haven (MP 52.5), a crossover at Wago (MP 51.7), where there is a spur to Pennsylvania Power & Light on the east side and the York Secondary heads away south-southwest on the west side, a turn east, detectors at Saginaw (MP 47.6), a speed restriction of 40 mph at the west end of the Shocks Bridge, turning east-northeast to bridge across the Susquehanna to its east side, a speed restriction of 40 mph on the curve at the east end of Shocks Bridge, turning east to the crossovers at CP Shocks (MP 45.4), where the Royalton Branch trails in on the east side and the Marietta Industrial Track heads away on the east side.

Both the Port Road and Enola Yard were once electrified.