CP Shocks to CP Cola

From the crossovers at CP Shocks (MP 45.4), where the Royalton Branch trails in on the east side and the Marietta Industrial Track heads away on the east side, the line heads east, double track, current-of-traffic, with overall speed limit 50 mph, past detectors at Marietta (MP 44.1), detectors at MP 42.0, a turn southeast, CP-Lake (MP 40.0), where CTC and a 6,700 ft. center siding starts, and a track begins on the east side, with speed limit 40 mph on Track 1 (west), 10 mph on the siding, and 45 mph on Track 2 (east), Columbia (MP 38.5), and CP-Cola (MP 38.4), where a line from York once trailed in across the river from the west, a reading line once trailed in on the east side the center siding ends, the Columbia Secondary to Lancaster departs on the east side, with that extra track trailing into it, and there is a crossover.

The Port Road and the Columbia Secondary were once electrified.