Homewood Junction to Rochester, PA

The Koppel Secondary, from the north, joins with the Fort Wayne Line, from the west, at the crossovers at Homewood Junction (CP Wood, MP 34.8), whence the double track line runs curvily south along the west side of the Beaver River valley, with speed limit 35 mph to MP 34.0 and 55 mph thereafter (except for some curves), past detectors at Beaver Falls (MP 30.6), Beaver Falls (MP 30.2), a bridge over the former P&LE, New Brighton (MP 28.9), where there is a connector southwest from the former Pittsburgh & Lake Erie line running just a little further east, a bridge over the Beaver River, and another CR line trailing in from the east side of the river, to the crossovers and junction at Rochester (MP 25.9), where the speed limit is 30 mph, the Cleveland Line along the north bank of the Ohio River trails in from the west and the main line turns east, along the north bank of the Ohio River.