New Castle to New Brighton

In New Castle, a former P&LE branch trails in from the northeast, followed by a short connector from the former B&O trailing in from the northeast at B&O Junction, as the former P&LE double track, CTC, line, with overall speed limit 40 mph heads south past crossovers at West Pittsburgh (MP 43.2), and turns curvily south-southeast, bridging the Beaver River past the end of double track at Wampum (MP 40.4), where there is a flat crossing with a former PRR line, and turning curvily south, along the west side of the river, past College (MP 32.8), where double track begins again, a detector at MP 32.0, a bridge carrying the former PRR main line, and New Brighton, where there is a connector southeast to the former Pennsylvania line running just a little further east.