Ashcroft to Sicamous

Paired rail running between the CN and CP tracks ends at the connections at the 7,100 ft. siding at Basque (MP 55.9), where both lines are on the south side of the river and there is a connection with the CN line, and Nepa (MP 54.8), where there is another connection with the CN line, from which the single track, CTC, CP transcontinental main line continues curvily north (following the south bank of the Thompson River, past the 8,645 ft. siding at Ashcroft (MP 47.3), where it turns curvily east-northeast, following the south bank of the river, Butte, Maharg, the 9,710 ft. siding at Semlin (MP 38.5), where it turns curvily east-southeast, still following the river, a detector at MP 35.5, the 9,460 ft. siding at Walhachin (MP 32.1), where it turns curvily east and then east-northeast, and the 7,725 ft. siding at Savona (MP 25.2), where the riverbank has become the south shore of Kamloops Lake.

The line turns south, following the lakeshore, past Munro (1st), and then east-southeast, still following the lakeshore (with the CN on the north shore, across the lake), past the 7,085 ft. siding at Munro (MP 16.9), Cherry Creek, where the line is heading just south of dues east, the Cherry Creek Tunnels, a detector at MP 11.6, Tranquille Tunnel, Tranquille (MP 8.8), where double track starts, Benledi (1st), the Kamloops Pulp Mill, and Benledi (MP 3.0), where the lake is giving way to the river, again, to crossovers at Kamloops (MP 0.0/MP 128.5), then follows the South Thompson River east, past crossovers at Kamloops East (MP 126.1), where the CN (later the Kamloops Heritage Railway) trails in on the north side, McCracken (MP 123.0), where CTC ends and ABS/OCS starts, Furrer, detectors at MP 118.5, and crossovers at Campbell Creek (MP 117.0), where the CN (later Kelowna Pacific) line splits off on the south side.

The CP main line continues east, along the south side of the river, past Bromley, and crossovers at Ducks (MP 111.3), and turns east-northeast, following the river, past Pritchard (MP 103.8), where double track ends and CTC resumes, and the line turns northeast, still following the river, Watmore, Neskain, a detector at MP 97.9, Shuswap (1st), and the 12,171 ft. siding at Chase (MP 94.8), turning east-northeast along Little Shuswap Lake’s south shore, past Stormont, the 7,645 ft. siding at Squilax (MP 87.6) on the river between Little Shuswap Lake and Shuswap Lake, turning southeast after reaching the latter to cross a peninsula, past Elson, Notch Hill (MP 80.2, el. 1,092 ft.), where double track resumes and the tracks separate, with the north (westbound) track making a sharp turn north, a clockwise horseshoe south, a turn east and then a turn south, for a gentler westbound upgrade, while the south (eastbound) track makes a steeper descent, past a detector at MP 77.5 and the 7,233 ft. siding at Carlin (MP 74.5) before turning south alongside the north track to crossovers at Tappen (MP 70.5), where the tracks come back together, and regain the lakeshore (now the Salmon Arm of Shuswap Lake) at Shuswap (MP 69.0), where single track starts again, past Kualt on the west shore of the Salmon Arm and continuing south.

The line turns just north of due east along the south shore of the lake, past the 7,380 ft. siding at Salmon Arm (MP 63.2), turning north, following the lakeshore, and then east, still following the lakeshore, past a detector at MP 59.3 and the 7,670 ft. siding at Canoe (MP 56.2), and east-northeast, still following the lakeshore, past Molwitch and a tunnel, where it turns east and then east-northeast again, still following the lakeshore, past the 7,308 ft. siding at Annis (MP 49.6) and another tunnel to the 7,290 ft. siding at Sicamous (MP 45.0), where the Okanagan sub. (later the Okanagan Valley Railway) heads south along the Shuswap River, while the main line continues east-northeast along the Eagle River.