Sapperton to MacAuley (Coquitlam)

At CP Junction, there is a double track connector (sw to e), the south leg of a wye to Sapperton (MP 5.8), where the north leg of the wye, from Brunette, trails in on the north side and the CP Westminster sub. trails in from the south-southwest, and the single track, CTC, CP line to Coquitlam heads away east, along the Fraser River, past Fraser Mills (MP 4.9), where a track to the riverside heads away south, Booth (MP 3.5), where the line turns northeast, Mayfair (MP 2.5), where the line from the CP Mayfair Intermodal Terminal trails in from the south, Essondale, where the line turns north  along the west side of a small river, a turn northeast again, and the wye junction with the single track, CTC, CP main at MacAuley (MP 0.0), which is heading west-northwest to east-southeast.