Akron to New Castle

From Akron Junction (MP 128.3), where a connection from the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic (former B&O Cleveland Branch) trails in on the north side, the line bridges over the CVS, the erstwhile former PRR line once headed away (15 mph on the switches and through this area) on the north side, and the joint segment ends, the double track, Rule D-251, ex-B&O, with overall freight speed limit 55 mph, line turns north-northeast, with local speed limit 35 mph, to BD Tower (MP 127.5), where another connection to the CVS line heads away on the south side, past Hill Yard, and turns north, past MP 127.1, where the local speed limit rises to 50 mph, just east of due north past the 6,527 ft. east side siding at XN Tower (MP 124.7), and MP 123.6, where the full line speed resumes.

The line turns east at Cuyahoga Falls past detectors at MP 121.9, and Munroe Falls, passes beneath a bridge carrying a former W&LE line, from which there is a northeast quadrant connector as the ex-B&O line turns north-northeast, with the former Erie r-o-w alongside to the south/east, past Kent (MP 117.6), where the speed limit falls to 30 mph and the former Erie r-o-w turns away east-northeast, and MP 116.7, where the full line speed resumes, and turns southeast, where the Erie once bridged overhead, then turns east past a bridge carrying the Conrail Cleveland Line overhead, Ravenna (MP 110.6), where there is a local speed limit of 40 mph, connectors from that line once trailed in, an Erie connector once bridged overhead, and there was once a passenger station

There is a 6,658 ft. south side siding and 6,694 ft. north side siding at FS Tower (MP 103.9, with CTC past the sidings, where a line heads north that eventually serves Ravenna Arsenal, Charlestown, Depot, Apco, where the line turns just north of east, detectors at MP 102.0, Atlas, where there is another connector to Ravenna Arsenal, on the north side, the 10,050 ft. north side and 6,578 ft. south side sidings at Newton Falls (MP 95.9), where a branch heads northeast and an erstwhile Lake Erie, Alliance & Western line once crossed on the flat, Rock Cut (MP 91.9), Goodman (MP 91.2), where a line to the Lordstown GM Plant heads south, an industrial spur trailing in on the north side, Niles Junction (MP 87.7), where a connector to a Conrail line leaves on the north side, and one used to leave on the south side, and the line bridges over than Conrail (former PRR) line, and a former Erie line once bridged overhead.

The line turns northeast, east-southeast past detectors at MP 82.6, south-southeast past McDonald, and south past MP 82.4 to MP 80.1, where the local speed limit is 40 mph, south-southeast past Ohio Junction (MP 79.5), where a connector from the former Erie at Girard trails in on the east side and the line turns south and then south-southeast again, past MP 77.6, where the speed limit falls to 30 mph and a spur from Austintown trails in on the west side, Youngstown (MP 76.4), where a Conrail (former Erie) connector heads away east and the line turns east-southeast, MP 74.7, where Yard Limits begin and the full line speed resumes, east past a location where a PRR line once bridged overhead, south, east with a Conrail line alongside to the  east and then north, south-southeast, east-southeast, with a line to LTV Steel heading south-southeast, and then the CR line trailing in on the north side, Haselton (MP 73.9), where there is a flat crossing with the former PRR, and a northeast quadrant connector (that was once the P&LE, which once continued south-southeast along the west side of the ex-B&O, which turns that direction.

Past Campbell, MP 73.0 to MP 72.8, the local speed limit is 30 mph, and the line continues along the east side of the erstwhile former P&LE Gateway Yard, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 72.0, an LTV Steel plant served by Conrail, and Lowellville, and turns east-southeast, across the state line from Ohio into Pennsylvania, turning southeast, with a P&LE line alongside to the south past detectors at Edensburg (MP 62.6), a curve south-southeast from MP 58.9 to MP 58.4, where the speed limit is 40 mph, MP 57.9, where Yard Limits begin, an erstwhile flat crossing with a former PRR line, New Castle Junction (MP 57.5), where a P&LE branch crosses on the flat (speed limit 20 mph on the crossing), the New Castle Yard, and UN Tower (MP 55.6), where a connector to the P&LE at B&O junction heads a short distance southwest while the former B&O itself turns south.