Deshler to Fostoria

From the flat crossing with the CSX (ex B&O) Toledo subdivision at Deshler (MP 62.5), where there are connectors in all but the southeast quadrant, with speed limit 35 mph approaching the flat crossing and 10 mph on the connectors, the double track, ABS, Rule D-251 current-of-traffic, ex-B&O, with overall freight speed limit 60 mph continues just south of due east past Hoytville (MP 56.2), detectors at MP 54.4, North Baltimore (MP 50.7), where a B&O branch once headed north and CTC resumes, the flat crossing, with northwest quadrant connector from May 15, 2012, with Conrail (former Toledo & Ohio Central) at Galatea (MP 49.0), where CTC ends (east of the crossing) and ABS, Rule D-251 current-of-traffic resumes, Bairdstown, MP 47.7, where there is a westward speed limit of 40 mph approaching the signal, Bloomdale (MP 44.2), the start of Yard Limits at MP 37.4, the former flat crossing with the erstwhile Lake Erie & Western, the flat crossing with NS (former Nickel Plate) at Fostoria (MP 36.8), where a 6,490 ft. north side siding starts, CTC resumes and there is a passenger station, and the flat crossing with a CSX (ex-C&O) line at F Tower (MP 36.4), where there was also once a flat crossing with the erstwhile Toledo & Ohio Central, and a 5,365 ft. south side siding starts, with a 35 mph speed limit between MP 37.8 and MP 35.6 and 10 mph on the connectors in the northwest quadrant from the CSX line, and the southeast quadrant, and in the northeast quadrant from both the CSX and NS lines.