New York Avenue to Alexandria Junction

The Northeast Corridor and the former B&O line to Cumberland and Pittsburgh diverge immediately north of Washington Union Station (MP 38.7), the double track electrified Northeast Corridor turning east-northeast with the single track leading to the former B&O Camden Line along its northwest side, a road bridge overhead, where the north leg of the wye from the ex-B&O line from Cumberland trails in at C Tower (MP 37.7), crossing above the switch leads to the carriage shops, passes the Ivy City Amtrak locomotive (to the south of the wye leg) and coaching stock depot  (to the north of the wye leg) on the northwest side of the line, with the former B&O non-electrified Camden Line, now two tracks in between the electrified NEC tracks and the maintenance depot, with two road bridges overhead, and diverging to the northeast at the east end of the depot, as the NEC turns east at F Tower (MP 37.0). The speed limit between C Tower and F Tower is 45 mph for passenger trains and 20 mph for freight trains.

The line is double track, CTC, with overall speed limits 70 mph for passenger trains and 55 mph for freight trains, turning from an east-northeasterly heading between C Tower and F Tower, past three road bridges overhead, to northeasterly as far as Intermediate Signals at Brent (MP 34.2), then leaving the District of Columbia as its edges north-northeast past Brentwood, a road bridge overhead, a bridge across a river, a bridge over a street, signals and crossovers, a road bridge overhead, a signal bridge overhead, a grade crossing, the MARC station at Hyattsville, and detectors at MP 33.7 to JD (MP 33.6), also known as Alexandria Junction, where the Alexandria Extension (the freight line bypassing Washington Union Station) joins in at a wye on the east side of the line.