Warwick to Akron

From Warwick (MP 143.8), where an erstwhile PRR line once trailed in from the west, the double track CL&W subdivision heads away south (30 mph on the interlocking switches), and there is an 8,299 ft. siding and a 7,244 ft. south side siding, the double track, Rule D-251, ex-B&O, with overall freight speed limit 60 mph, line turns north-northeast onto a segment that was once joint with that erstwhile PRR line, past Clinton, where it turns north, detectors at Barberton (MP 137.3), where a local switching line bridges overhead, there is a connection into a Babcock & Wilcox Plant on the west side, that switching line trails in on the west side, and there is another connection with trackage into the B&W plant, and the line turns curvily northeast, with the former Erie (now a local switching line) trailing in on the west side at Lambert (Kenmore), where there are detectors at Crosier Street, past South Akron, where there was once a connection on the east side into a Firestone plant, turning north-northeast past the passenger station at Akron (MP 129.6), on the east bank of the Cuyahoga River, with a road bridge overhead at its eastern end, and turning east, with the former Erie leaving on the south/east side, bridging above the former Akron, Canton & Youngstown to Akron Junction (MP 128.3), where a connection from the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic (former B&O Cleveland Branch) trails in on the north side, the line bridges over the CVS, the erstwhile former PRR line once headed away (15 mph on the switches) on the north side, and the joint segment ends, and turns north-northeast to BD Tower (MP 127.5), where another connection to the CVS line heads away on the south side.