Willard to Sterling

From Willard (MP 204.2), formerly Chicago Junction, where a B&O line from Sandusky once trailed in from the north, and the Huntington subdivision heads away southeast, the the double track, Rule D-251, ex-B&O New Castle subdivision, with overall freight speed limit 60 mph, continues straight ahead (just south of due east), with a 10 mph speed limit passing the train order office, and a 25 mph speed limit through a crossover at the east end of the yard, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 203.8, a turn due east, Boughtonville (MP 198.0), a turn southeast and then east again, GN Tower (MP 193.1), where there is a flat crossing with an NS (former Wheeling & Lake Erie) line, with a 40 mph speed limit across the crossing, and Greenwich (MP 192.6), where there is a flat crossing with a double-track Conrail (former Big Four) line, with a 40 mph speed limit across the crossing.

The line turns east-northeast, past detectors at MP 188.0, Hereford, where it turns southeast, the 6,249 ft. north side siding at Nova (MP 181.1), where it turns east and a Lorain Ashland & Southern line once crossed on the flat, Sullivan (MP 176.8), where it turns east-northeast and then just south of due east past detectors at MP 171.4 and Homer, and then turns curvily east past MP 167.0, where the speed limit on Track 2 (south) drops to 50 mph, Lodi (MP 165,6), where the former Wheeling & Lake Erie bridges overhead and the line turns curvily east-southeast, Quillin Siding, MP 162.8, where Track 2 reverts to full line speed, Creston, where that former W&LE line is alongside to the south, and Sterling (MP 155.5), where was once a flat crossing with the Erie, there is a double-track junction (10 mph on the turnouts) with the CL&W subdivision heading north-northwest, a 6,959 ft. north side siding and a 7,089 ft. south side siding.