Arklow to Morton (Two Routes)

From the start of two tracks at Arklow (MP 278.1), where the Earlington Cut Off separates on the east side, the main line turns south-southwest, past a flat crossing with the Morganfield Branch, with connectors in the southeast and southwest quadrants joining in at Trident, a 20 mph speed restriction through Madisonville, from MP 276.2 to MP 273.9, and a 6,912 ft. siding at Madisonville (MP 275.2), where an erstwhile branch once headed east-southeast to a connection with the Cut Off and the East Diamond Mine, turning southwest and passing underneath a bridge carrying the Paducah & Louisville (former IC Louisville to Paducah line), and then turning south-southeast at Monarch, past a 35 mph speed restriction through Earlington (MP 272.5 to MP 270.9, the yard on the west side at Earlington (MP 272.4), where there is a 200-car north-facing spur, east past the Kington Mine, and south to Morton (MP 267.7), where the Cut Off rejoins on the east side and single track resumes.

The Cut Off initially follows the main line, on its east side, turning south-southeast past a wye on the east side where the MH&E Branch heads east, the Morganfield Branch trailing in on the west side at Atkinson (MP 276.7), a 20 mph speed restriction from MP 275.9 to MP 274.7, past Atkinson Yard on the east side, East Diamond, where that erstwhile branch once trailed in from the west and departed to the southeast, a 55 mph speed restriction from MP 270.4 to MP 270.2, a connector in the northwest quadrant to the Paducah & Louisville, that line bridging overhead, Okema, a location just south of the latter where an IC connection once trailed in on the east side, and a turn south-southwest, past a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 268.5 to MP 267.8, an erstwhile connector to and an erstwhile connector from an erstwhile line heading east-northeast to Windy City, to the return to the east side of the main line at Morton.