Benton Junction to St. Elmo

From the junction with a former C&EI line (the UP Joppa Branch) from the south (i.e., on the east side), as the line turns just east of due north past a flat crossing with an Illinois Central line, at Benton Junction (MP 298.2), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, the line continues, single track, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph, past the location of the C&EI station, a turn north-northeast and then just east of due north again, a detector at MP 293.5, Whittington, a bridge over an arm of a reservoir, the 8,107 ft. siding at Ina (MP 288.9 to MP 287.3), Bonnie, a detector at MP 280.8, Bakerville (MP 279.0), a former MoPac line trailing in from the west-southwest, flat crossings (30 mph on the crossings) with the former L&N and the former Southern at MP 276.2, the 7,143 ft. siding at Mt. Vernon (MP 275.6 to MP 274.1), a detector at MP 267.1, Texico, the 9,093 ft. siding at Kell (MP 263.3 to MP 261.5), and Cartter.

There is a spur on the west side (remains of a much longer line), a flat crossing with the former B&O St. Louis line at MP 254.1, a turn north-northeast, the 14,882 ft. siding at Salem (MP 253.0, where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, past MP 251.3, where the full line speeds prevail, to MP 250.0), and Brubaker, and north, past the angled flat crossing with the IC main line at Kinmundy (MP 242.7), a detector at MP 237.7, the 10.359 ft. siding at St. Peter (MP 235.5 to MP 233.4), St. James, a spur at Parro (MP 225.0), and a spur at St. Elmo (MP 224.6), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction as the line turns east-northeast, to the junction with the former Conrail St. Louis line, trailing in on the north side, at West St. Elmo (MP 224.4/157.8), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction and north and south 12,500 ft. sidings start, to the end of the sidings and speed restriction, and second junction with the St. Louis Line, now on the south side, at East St. Elmo (MP 220.8/154.3).