Evansville to Henderson

From the wye at North Howell (MP 323.4), where the CSX St. Louis sub. (the former L&N line from St. Louis) trails in from the west-northwest and the CSX CE&D sub. (former C&EI line from Chicago) trails in from the north-northeast, the CSX Henderson sub. continues south-southwest, Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), Yard Limits, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, but local speed restriction 20 mph, past locomotive facilities to the east at the north end of Howell Yard on the east side, to South Howell (MP 321.8), a road bridge overhead, and MP 321.4, where the speed restriction rises to 50 mph as far as MP 314.1, turning just east of due south, following the north bank of the Ohio River, past the end of Yard Limits at FS Tower (MP 317.5), where single track, CTC, replaces the double track, Rule D-251.

The line turns southeast past Intermediate Signals, a concrete bridge-approach trestle, the five-span through-truss bridge across the Ohio River from Indiana into Kentucky and a 25 mph speed restriction through Henderson, from MP 314.1, past a road bridge overhead and a grade crossing at Kapell Avenue, to the junction at Henderson (MP 312.8), where an erstwhile Illinois Central line once trailed in from the north, the former L&N Louisville line heads east-northeast, and there is a 5,460 ft. west side siding on the Nashville line,  heading south, past the rump of the former IC line to Paducah (which now only goes to Riverport) heading southwest, to MP 311.9, where full line speeds prevail.