Guthrie to Amqui

From Guthrie (MP 215.8), where the former L&N Memphis line (which no longer reaches that city) now run by RJ Corman crosses on the flat, with connectors in the west and east quadrants and the main line continues southeast into Tennessee, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, past the resumption of single track at Ace (MP 214.4), where there is a dragging equipment detector, a detector at "Sadlers" (MP 212.2), a 40 mph speed restriction through Adams, from MP 210.0 to MP 206.7, the 5,542 ft. west side siding at Cedar Hill (MP 204.4), and a dragging equipment detector at MP 203.6, turning south-southeast, east, and then curvily southeast.

There is a 35 mph speed restriction through Springfield, from MP 197.7 to MP 196.8, Springfield (MP 197.1), Brentlawn, Redbank, where the line turns just east of due south, a detector at "Courtland" (MP 194.2), the 9,551 ft. east side siding at Courtland (MP 193.1), where it turns south-southeast, a turn to the south, a 35 mph speed restriction through Greenbrier, from MP 190.9 to MP 187.3, a turn east-southeast past Hygeia, a turn south through Ridgetop and a tunnel, with a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP187.3 to MP 184.5, a turn southeast at Bakers, then south , south-southeast and south again past the 5,729 ft. east side siding at Goodlettsville (MP 180.5), and just west of due south to Amqui (MP 176.8), where the L&N Main Line from Louisville trails in on the east side and the combined line continues just west of due south.