Henderson to Arklow

From the junction at Henderson (MP 312.8), where an erstwhile Illinois Central line once trailed in from the north, the former L&N Louisville line heads east-northeast, there is a 5,460 ft. west side siding on the Nashville line, heading south, single track, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, past the rump of the former IC line to Paducah (which now only goes to Riverport) heading southwest, MP 311.9, where full line speeds prevail, Rankin, where the line turns just east of due south, Gwin, Busby, a detector at "Robards" (MP 304.2), the 6,967 ft. east side siding at Robards (MP 301.3), a 40-car dual-ended spur at Anaconda (MP 300.0), where an erstwhile branch once headed east.

The line turns just west of due south, past a 35 mph speed restriction through Sebree, from MP 296.9 to MP 295.9, south-southeast and then just west of due south again, southeast past the 4,253 ft. west side siding at Breton (MP 292.7), just west of due south past Slaughters, just east of due south past a detector at "Hanson" (MP 283.6) to the 4,899 ft. west side siding at Hanson (MP 282.1), and south-southwest and then south-southeast to the start of two tracks at Arklow (MP 278.1), where the Earlington Cut Off past Atkinson Yard separates on the east side of the main line.