Lenox/Mitchell to Walsh Junction

The former C&EI was instantiated at Lenox (MP 275.7), as a joint line with the Big Four "cutoff" (to Hillsboro), where the double track former Chicago & Alton/Big Four joint line, and the parallel double track former Wabash line, approach from the south-southwest (from WR Tower), and the single track Alton & Southern approaches from the south, the former C&A/Big Four joint line heads north, with the brick Lenox Tower to the east and the A&S trailing in to the east, the former Wabash heads northeast (from its Mitchell), and the former C&EI/Big Four heads north-northeast, initially Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 30 mph, past an angled road bridge overhead where the line becomes single track, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph at Vierling Junction (MP 273.7), in the woods, with a pond to the east, past a grade crossing, a bridge over drainage, Lake View, a levee to the east, dual road bridges overhead, a dirt track grade crossing in the woods, a location where it bridges over an erstwhile former Illinois Terminal line, a bridge over a road, three grade corssings, Intermediate Signals, and a grade crossing.

The line turns east-northeast past the 10,462 ft. south-side siding at Gard (MP 265.9 to MP 263.70), with extra track to the south at the west end, a road bridge overhead, and a dirt track grade crossing, both within the siding, a bridge over a stream, a road bridge overhead, a pond to the south, a road bridge overhead, three grade crossings, a detector at MP 260.5, a dirt track grade crossing, Carpenter, woods and fields, an angled bridge carrying the former Wabash and former Litchfield & Madison (later C&NW) overhead at their Worden, a bridge over drainage, drainage to the south, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, Livingston, where an erstwhile connector to the former L&M once left to the north, three grade crossings, a dirt track grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, Binney, where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Illinois Central line, two grade crossings, a village, a grade crossing, a bridge over a divided highway, a grade crossing, a bridge over a stream, a road bridge overhead, a wooded area, the 9,809 ft. south-side siding at Joan (MP 249.8 to MP 247.5), open fields, a dirt road grade crossing at the east end of the siding, two grade crossings, Intermediate Signals, two grade crossings, and Walsh Junction (MP 243.7), where a connector to the former CB&Q Centralia line turns away east.