Pana to Findlay Junction

From the 7,734 ft. siding at Pana (MP 207.3 to MP 205.7), where the former Big Four once headed away east, an erstwhile former B&O once approached from the northwest, made a flat crossing, and left to the east (with remnants still present), on the north side of the former Big Four, the former C&EI turns east-northeast again, with two dirt track grade crossings within the siding, single track, CTC, maximum speed 60 mph, past a divided road grade crossing in town, two grade crossings in town, two extra tracks to the south, trailing in, a grade crossing in the fields, two dirt track grade crossings, a dirt road grade crossing, Dollville, two grade crossings in the fields, a detector at MP 198.5, a grade crossing at MP 197.24, a bridge over a culvert, two grade crossings, Henton, a bridge over a stream, a dirt track grade crossing, a bridge over a stream, a grade crossing, a spur at Westervelt (MP 191.8), two grade crossings, a dirt track grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, a pond to the south, Sohigro, three grade crossings, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, and two dirt road grade crossings, to the wye on the south side with the line north from Gorham, at Findlay Junction (MP 185.5), where the Chicago line heads northeast.