Mazonia to Pequot and Joliet

Mazonia (MP 62.6), is where an EJ&E line once headed north, and the former Alton Route splits into two portions, once run as paired track, one heading north to Pequot and one heading northeast. On the Pequot line, Mazonia is at MP 63.3, and the line heads north as single track, CTC, speed limit 79-60-50, past Coal City (MP 58.5) and a curve at MP 58.2 where the speed limit is 65-60-50, to Pequot (MP 57.1) where the formerly paired trackage with the former Santa Fe starts.

The other line, Main 2, now TWC ABS, heads northeast from Mazonia (MP 62.6), with a road alongside to the east, past three grade crossings, Intermediate Signals at Braceville, a spur curving away to a power plant east of the road east of the line, two grade crossings, Braidwood, and two grade crossings in Hitts, turns east-northeast across the deck girder Kankakee River bridge, past a grade crossing, extra track on the east side, a grade crossing, a dirt road grade crossing, rail-served grain silos on the east side, and then north at Wilmington (MP 52.5), where the speed limit is 60-40 through town, past US 66 alongside to the east, a dirt road grade crossing, Webster, where a track heads west into a portion of the (former?) Joliet Army Ammunition Plant, and a line forming part of that plant bridges overhead on a deck girder bridge, past a grade crossing, a grade crossing to Center point intermodal terminal, west of the line, a grade crossing, a track alongside to the east, a dirt track grade crossing, and Intermediate Signals at Elwood (MP 45.8), where lines on both sides serve that plant.

There is a bridge over a stream, a grade crossing, a detector at MP 44.0, south-facing signals, a dirt track grade crossing, two grade crossings, Intermediate Signals at MP 40.4, a road bridge overhead,  curves with 60-40 speed limits between MP 40 and MP 39, a large deep quarry just east of the line, Intermediate Signals at South Joliet (MP 38.5), where the line becomes adjacent to the formerly paired Santa Fe track coming from the southwest, a bridge over a road, a bridge over a concrete 'river' channel, dual road bridges overhead (I-80), three bridges over streets with the line on an embankment, the southeast quadrant connector to the former Rock Island line headed east, a bridge over a street, the flat crossing with the single track Metra line (formerly the RI), Joliet Tower in the northeast corner and Joliet Union Station to the west.