Chicago to Cincinnati (Big Four/NYC)

The Big Four route from Chicago to Cincinnati used the Illinois Central from Chicago to Kankakee before splitting off onto its own line across Indiana.

Illinois Central Station

South Wye Junction to BRC Connections

BRC Connections to BOCT Connection

BOCT Connection to Harvey

Harvey to Richton

Richton to Kankakee

Kankakee to Templeton

Templeton to Lafayette (Altamont)

Altamont to Brant

Brant to IJ (Indianapolis)

IJ to Washington Street (Indianapolis)

Washington Street to Greensburg

Greensburg to Valley Junction

Storrs Junction to Valley Junction

RH Tower to Storrs Junction

CT Junction and RH Tower to Winton Place

Winton Place to Evendale

Evendale to Sharonville (and Dayton)