Greensburg to Valley Junction

From the Yard Limits, 125-car eastward and 130-car westward controlled sidings at Greensburg (MP 82.1), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction within corporate limits, and there were once erstwhile Big Four lines trailing in from the west (on the south side) and departing to the north, the NYC line heads east, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-151), ABS, maximum speed 79 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for dedicated Flexi-Van trains, and 50 mph for freight trains, turning east-southeast, past mcCoy, New Point (MP 53.3), Batesville (MP 47.1), Hyde and Morris (MP 44.6), and tehn southeast, past Spades,a 65-car eastward siding at Brow, and Sunman (MP 39.2).

There is a 60 mph speed restriction between MP 38 and MP 33, as the line turns east-southeast, south-southeast past Weisburg (MP 36.1), and east-southeast, past Code, a 60 mph speed restriction between MP 33 and MP 24 for trains on the more southerly track, and for eastward trains on the more northerly track, as the line turns southeast to Bonnell, curvily east, past Ross, and curvily southeast at Guilford (MP 27.2), and a 70 mph speed restriction from MP 24, past 82-car eastward and westward sidings at Lawrenceburg Junction (MP 21.6), where a line from Lawrenceburg trails in from the south and the line turns northeast, past the border between Indiana and Ohio and Elizabethtown, before turning east to the 72-car eastward and 81-car westward sidings at Valley Junction (MP 17.0), where the Whitewater Valley line (Big Four) from Connersville trails in from the north.