Kankakee to Templeton

From the junction with the Illinois Central in Yard Limits at Kankakee Junction, the line heads east-southeast, single track, manual block, maximum speed 75 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for dedicated Flexi-Van trains, and 50 mph for freight trains, but 30 mph local restriction, past the station at Kankakee (MP 248.1) and a 65-car siding and station at Court Street (MP 247.5), turning south-southeast, south past a 40 mph speed restriction on curves at Aroma Park (MP 243.8) and a bridge over a river, southeast, south-southeast past the flat crossing with the C&EI (65 mph on the crossing and curve), and 68-car siding at St. Anne (MP 237.6), a station and  67-car siding at Beaverville (MP 231.9), a 54-car siding at Donovan (MP 226.5), a bridge carrying the Milwaukee Road overhead, a 35-car siding at Iroquois (MP 222.4), a road crossing at Lincoln Street, and a bridge over the iroquois River.

There is gradual curve to the south, a 60 mph speed restriction between US 24 and MP 218, past the flat crossing with the TP&W, curve to the southeast, and 82-car eastward and 62-car westward sidings at Sheldon (MP 218.3), where there are road crossings at Fourth Street, Center Street, Grove Street, Depot Street, and Concord Street, the border between Illinois and Indiana, Raub (MP 213.2), the flat crossing with the New York Central and 60-car siding at Sheff (MP 210.5), Earl Park (MP 208.2), a road crossing at Oak Street, Gravel Hill, a 71-car siding at Fowler (MP 201.5), a road crossing at Fifth Street, a former flat corssing with an erstwhile C&EI line at Swanington, a turn south-southeast at Atkinson, and a 200-casr siding at Templeton (MP 191.9), junction with the Nickel Plate line coming from the west, where the line turns east-southeast.