Storrs Junction to Valley Junction

From Storrs Junction (MP 1.9), where a B&O tracks curves in from the north (which carries NYC trains from Sharonville Yard), and connecting tracks along the river front (one of which provides the connection from the elevated CT Junction, used by passenger trains on this line to access Cincinnati Union Station) come in from the east-northeast and the east, two B&O tracks split off on the south side to head for St. Louis, and the NYC line curves around on the north side of the B&O tracks (and the south side of River Road), turning southwest, Yard Limits, double track, past King (MP 2.2), where it curves west-southwest, following the river, past Riverside yard (on the north side), and then west, still following teh river, past Wade (MP 3.8), where Yard Limits end and the line becomes ABS, maximum speed 79 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for dedicated Flexi-Van trains, and 50 mph for freight trains.

The line turns northwest, still following the river, west past Delhi, northwest past Addystown (MP 12.4), where a 50 mph speed restriction starts, west-northwest past Griffith, and west to North Bend (MP 14.6), where the speed restriction rises to 70 mph as the line turns north, away from the river, past Cleves (MP 15.4)and then west-northwest, bridging over the Great Miami River, to the 72-car eastward and 81-car westward sidings at Valley Junction (MP 17.0), where the Whitewater Valley line (Big Four) from Connersville turns away north.