Washington Street to Greensburg

From the quadruple junction at Washington Street, where the NYC (former Big Four) line to Cleveland turns away north, the PRR line to Dayton and Columbus edges just north of due east, and the B&O line to Hamilton continues east, the NYC (former Big Four) line to Cincinnati turns away southeast, single track, ABS, maximum speed 79 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for dedicated Flexi-Van trains, and 50 mph for freight trains, past a jog east and then southeast again, the flat crossing with the Indianapolis Union, with east and south quadrant connectors, at Belt Crossing (MP 106.2), Prospect Hill Yard on the north side, the Beech Grove Shops on the south side, and the end of Yard Limits and start of CTC at Beech Grove (MP 103.0).

The line passes Gallaudet, Acton (MP 95.9), Dix, London, a 64-car eastward siding and 75-car westward controlled siding at Fairland (MP 88.6), where an erstwhile Big Four line from Martinsville used to trail in from the southwest, a road crossing with Washington Street, a 25 mph speed restriction within the corporate limits of Shelbyville (MP 82.1), the flat crossing with the PRR and 90-car siding at Vine (MP 81.9), where double track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-151) starts, with a 50 mph speed restriction on the more southerly track, Mack, and Prescott.

Single track, CTC, resumes at Clifty, past Waldron (MP 74.6), a 52-car siding at St. Paul (MP 72.0), Mead, an 88-car siding at Adams (MP 67.1), road crossings at Second Street and Third Street, and the line turns east with Yard Limits, 125-car eastward and 130-car westward controlled sidings at Greensburg (MP 82.1), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction within corporate limits, and there were once erstwhile Big Four lines trailing in from the west (on the south side) and departing to the north.