Chicago to Cincinnati, Louisville and Columbus, OH (PRR)

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

21st Street to Englewood

Englewood to CP 509/River Junction

CP 509/River Junction to Colehour Junction (and Hammond-Whiting)

Colehour Junction to Bernice

Prior to 1927, passenger trains for the Panhandle line left the north side of Chicago Union Station and used the route via 59th Street, which is where freight for this route originated.

Chicago Union Station to Tower A2

Tower A2 to 59th Street

See B&OCT and Chicago Junction for 2008 status

59th Street to Riverdale/Dolton Junction

Riverdale/Dolton Junction and Bernice to Maynard

Maynard to Peoria Junction (Logansport)

Peoria Junction to CP Clermont

CP Clermont to Indianapolis (CP IJ)

Downtown Indianapolis (IJ to IU)

IU to Columbus, IN

Columbus, IN to Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville to Louisville

Peoria Junction to Anoka (Logansport)

Anoka to Anderson

Anderson to New Castle

New Castle to Hamilton

Evendale to Hamilton

Winton Place to Evendale

Cincinnati to Winton Place

Anoka to Bradford

Bradford to Columbus (OH)