Columbus to Jeffersonville

From Columbus (MP 41.0), where a line from Shelbyville trails in on the east side, the line to Madison continues southeast, the Louisville line turns southwest, single track, Rule 271, maximum speed 55 mph for passenger trains and 45 mph for freight trains, with local 20 mph speed restriction from Bridge 40.41 to Bridge 41.35, past a turn curvily south, with a 50 mph speed restriction on the first curve north of MP 42, the 89-car siding at Garden (MP 42.5), MP 44, where Yard Limits end and the maximum speed reverts to 60/50, Walesboro, Waynesville, Jonesville, Peters, Rockford, the 85-car siding at Reed ( MP 53.9), the start of Yard Limits 1750 feet north of MP 58, a 25 mph speed restriction, from a point 647 feet south of MP 58 and a point 2558 feet south of MP 59, the flat crossing with the Milwaukee Road at MP 58.4, the flat crossing with the B&O at MP 58.9, and the 98-car siding at Seymour (MP 59.0).

Yard Limits end 550 feet north of MP 61, and the line continues curvily south, past the 111-car siding at Crothersville (MP 70.5), the start of Yard Limits at MP 73, the 66-car siding at Austin (MP 74.5), the end of Yard Limits at MP 75, a 20 mph speed restriction over the first highway crossings north and south of Scottsburg station, the 124-car siding at Scottsburg (MP 79.3), Vienna (MP 81.7), Underwood (MP 84.8), Henryville (MP 89.3), Caney (MP 91.7), Memphis, the 134-car siding at Speed (MP 98.3), Sellersburg (MP 99.6), MP 103, where the maximum passenger speed drops to 55 mph, the start of Yard Limits 2536 feet north of MP 104, the angled  flat crossing with the B&O at Boyd (MP 104.9), where Yard Limits end and CTC starts, and the yard on the east side at Jeffersonville (MP 107.2), where a branch splits away south-southeast and the main line continues south.