IU to Columbus

From the wye on the south side of the east-west main line at IU (MP 0.5), the PRR Indianapolis Branch heads south, single track, Yard Limits, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 40 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freight trains, with a 40 mph speed restriction over all street and highway crossings, past McCarty Street, turning just east of due south past the 150-car siding and flat crossing with northeast and southeast quadrant connectors (15 mph on the crossing) with the Belt Railway at Dale (MP 1.7), where Rule 271 operation starts and the maximum speed rises to 55/45, MP 4, where Yard Limits end and the maximum speed rises to 60/50, and edging south-southeast, past Harland, Southport (MP 7.1), the 92-car siding at Greenwood (MP 10.7), Whiteland (MP 15.3), the 81-car siding at Land (MP 15.5), and Franklin (MP 20.0).

There is a flat crossing (45 mph on the crossing) with the NYC (MP 20.3), and the line edges southeast, past the 61-car siding to Elvin (MP 21.4), south-southeast again past the 111-car siding from Amity (MP 25.4) to Atterbury (MP 28.5), a spur on the west side into Camp Atterbury, and a turn just east of due south, past a 30 mph speed restriction, from 1000 feet south of MP 30 to MP 31, Edinburg (MP 30.6), and the 88-car siding from Taylorsville (MP 34.5) to Brook (MP 37.9), turning southeast, past MP 39, where the maximum speed falls to 55/45 and a 20 mph speed restriction from Bridge 40.41 to Bridge 41.35, to Columbus (MP 41.0), where a line from Shelbyville trails in on the east side, the line to Madison continues southeast, and the Louisville line turns southwest.