Jeffersonville to Louisville

From the yard on the east side at Jeffersonville (MP 107.2), where a branch splits away south-southeast, the main line continues south, single track, CTC, maximum speed 55 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains, past a turn south-southwest, a flat crossing with an east-west line, with northeast and southwest quadrant connectors, the north end of the Ohio River Bridge, where the maximum speed drops to 30 mph, the multi-span bridge over the Ohio River, with a 15 mph speed restriction on the Louisville Draw Span (Bridge 108.11), and a 20 mph speed restriction on the curve at the south end of the bridge as the line turns just west of due south and bridges over a line along the river.

There is a 45 mph speed restriction on the curve at the north end of Clagg (MP 109.1), with connectors trailing in from the north (on the west side) and the east, where CTC ends and Rule 271 starts, the start of Yard Limits at Broadway Street (MP 110.1), Eleventh Street (MP 110.5), a 10 mph speed restriction over the street crossing at Eleventh and Maple Street, the junction with the Illinois Central (straight ahead) at Kentucky Street (MP 110.6), where Yard Limits end and the PRR line turns east-southeast, and the end-on junction with the L&N at Louisville (MP 111.2), where Union Station is on a spur that trails in on the east side as the line turns just easty of due south.