Maynard to Peoria Junction (Logansport)

From the junction (flat crossing with southwest quadrant connector) with the north-south Monon at Air Line (MP 285.4), and the junction (flat crossing only?) with the Grand Trunk Western at Maynard (MP 284.8), the Panhandle line continues south-southeast, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule-251), manual block, maximum speed 60 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains, past the 124-car eastward siding and junction with the east-west EJ&E and Michigan Central at Hartsdale (MP 281.7), with connector trailing in on the north side at the 127-car westward siding at Schererville (MP 280.1), gradually edging southeast past Crown Point (MP 273.4) and Leroy to Hebron (MP 262.5), where it turns east, past Aylesworth and the the 410-car westward siding from Aynes (MP 257.2) to Kouts (MP 253.1), where there is a flat crossing with the northwest-southeast Erie.

The Panhandle line continues east, to flat crossing with the north-south C&EI and Monon at La Crosse (MP 246.6), where it turns southeast along the south side of the C&O of Indiana to the 131-car eastward and 137-car westward sidings at North Judson (MP 237.3), where there are flat crossings with the Erie and the NYC Peoria line, and the C&O turns away, with the Panhandle continuing south-southeast, past Denham (MP 231.4), Ripley, and Winamac (MP 222.4), turning further towards the south past the 106-car westward siding at Star City (MP 216.5), Thornhope (MP 212.8), and Royal Center (MP 208.3), where it edges back to south-southeast, to Boone, where the line diverts from the original routing into Logansport to head south to Trimmer Junction, where it turns east, with a 50 mph speed restriction on Track 2, to join the Toledo, Peoria & Western, which trails in from the west.

The combined line heads east, past Kenneth (MP 5.7), where CTC starts, curving east-southeast, east-northeast, and east-southeast again, past the spot where the line from Chicago originally trailed in on the north side, to the junction (flat crossing with connectors in all four quadrants) with the line from Butler, on the north side, and the line south to Indianapolis, on the south side at Van/Peoria Junction (MP 1.0/198.3), where the Panhandle continues east into Logansport.