Peoria Junction to Anoka (Logansport)

From the junction (flat crossing with connectors in all four quadrants) with the line from Butler, on the north side, and the line south to Indianapolis, on the south side at Van/Peoria Junction (MP 1.0/198.3), the Panhandle continues east into Logansport, double track, CTC on Track 2 and current-of-traffic (Rule 251) on Track 1, maximum speed 30 mph, past a bridge over the Eel River, turning east-northeast where the original route had continued straight ahead, east-southeast past  Logansport (MP 197.3), the flat crossing (15 mph on the crossing) with the Wabash at Elm (MP 197.1), and Fourteenth Street (MP 196.6), south-southeast, past the bridge over the Wabash River to Race (MP 196.0), where the line becomes current-of-traffic on both tracks, turns east-southeast where the original route trailed in on the south side, and the maximum speed rises to 50 mph, past Eighteenth Street (MP 195.9), and edging east and then east-southeast again to the junction at Anoka (MP 192.6), where the Bradford line continues east-southeast and the Cincinnati line turns south-southeast.