Peoria Junction to CP Clermont

From the junction (flat crossing with connectors in all four quadrants) with the line from Butler, on the north side, and the Panhandle continues east into Logansport, the line south to Indianapolis, on the south side at Van/Peoria Junction (MP 114.4),the single track, manual block, line heads just west of due south, maximum speed 60 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains, past a bridge over the Wabash River, turning southwest, past Long Cliff (MP 113.3), south-southwest past a spur on the west side trailing in from a power plant, and the 150-car siding and acute-angled flat crossing with the Wabash at Clymers (MP 109.2), and south at Camden (MP 101.3), past Flora (MP 97.0), the 107-car siding at Bringhurst (MP 95.6), Cutler (MP 92.2), Sedalia (MP 87.9), Moran, and MP 81, where the maximum speed drops to 55/45.

The line turns south-southwest approaching Frankfort (MP 78.6), with the Monon line to Indianapolis coming alongside to the west, turning southwest past the 122-car southward and 131-car bidirectional sidings, and flat crossings with the east-west Nickel Plate (Lake Erie & Western) and north-south Monon at Frank (MP 78.3/48.1), and turning south again where a PRR line to Terre Haute continues southwest, with the line to Indianapolis passing MP 46, where the maximum speed reverts to 60/50, Reagan (MP 41.8), Pike, a bridge carrying the Big Four line from Kankakee overhead, the 162-car siding at Lebanon (MP 31.6), where there is a flat crossing with the Central Indiana and CTC starts, turning south-southeast, past South Lebanon (MP 30.6), Herr (MP 24.6), White Lick, and the 150-car siding, from North Burr (MP 16.6) to South Burr (MP 17.9), to the bridge over the Peoria & Eastern at Clermont (MP 12.6).

(In later years, a southwest quadrant connector has been built at Clermont, and the P&E from Clermont to Brant abandoned.)