Washington Street to Richmond

From Washington Street (MP 186.2), where an ex-Big Four line to Cincinnati heads away southeast to Beech Grove and beyond, the B&O Hamilton subdivision to the eponymous town in Ohio, continues due east,  and the Big Four routing towards Cleveland turns away northeast, the PRR line to Dayton, Columbus and Pittsburgh heads just north of due east (on the north side of the B&O line), double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), Automatic Block Signals, Cab Signals, maximum speed 75 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freight trains, past Pine (MP 185.3), a bridge carrying the Indianapolis Union overhead, a Ford Plant, Thorne (MP 180.8), where a line from Hawthorne Yard trails in on the south side, Mithoefer Road, Cumberland (MP 176.8), Greenfield (MP 167.2), and the 135-car eastward and westward sidings, from West Riley (MP 166.3) to Riley (MP 164.8).

The line continues just north of due east, past Charlottesville (MP 158.7), a bridge over a Big Four line, Knightstown (MP 153.9), the 146-car eastward and westward sidings from West Dunreith (MP 150.4) to the flat crossing with the Nickel Plate line to Greensburg, at Dunreith (MP 148.9), East Dunreith (MP 147.2), Lewisville (MP 144.6), Straughn (MP 141.3), the 138-car westward siding from West Dublin (MP 138.7), past Dublin Junction (MP 138.4), where a line from Columbus trails in on the south side, to Dublin (MP 137.3), where a 139-car eastward siding starts, ending at East Dublin (MP 137.0), an angled flat crossing with a Nickel Plate line from New castle to Connersville, Cambridge City (MP 134.9), a flat crossing with the Big Four Whitewater Valley line, and Germantown (MP 133.1), Jax (MP 126.9), and Centerville (MP 125.6).

The line curves east-northeast, with a 65 mph speed restriction on Track 2 on the curve at Hills (MP 122.1), and back east, past Newman (MP 119.8), where the maximum speed for passenger trains drops to 70 mph, and  Automatic Block Signals, Cab Signals end?, and the PRR line from New Castle and Grand Rapids & Indiana line trail in on the north side, a 5 mph speed restriction on the passenger station tracks at Richmond (MP 119.6), where there is a bridge over the C&O of Indiana, Twelfth Street (MP 119.4), where Automatic Block Signals, Cab Signals, resume, a 10 mph speed restriction on curves west and east of MP 120, and Glen (MP 117.4), where the line to Cincinnati, continuing east, splits off on the south side of the line to Dayton and Columbus (50 mph on the junction), turning east-northeast.