Dayton to Springfield

From CP 208, where the maximum speed is 15 mph on this single track, CTC, line, and the erstwhile ex-PRR line from Indianapolis once trailed in on the west side, another Multi-span deck girder bridge over the Great Miami River, a location where the erstwhile PRR Lebanon line once headed away south-southeast, the former location of Dayton Union Station, Dayton (MP 206.9), on an ambankment bridging voer several streets, including 5th Street MP 206.8, where the maximum speed rises to 25 mph, and CP 206 (MP 206.7), where the former B&O Toledo line heads away north, and the former PRR line to Columbus heads away east-southeast (but only for a couple of miles), the current Dayton Line continues east-northeast on former Big Four track, maximum speed 50 mph for intermodal trains and 40 mph for other freight trains, past the former Erie and former Big Four Yards, side-by-side ending at Tates Point (MP 204.6), whence the former Erie trackbed is now empty, along the north side of the former Big Four track.

The line runs along the north side of a road, with the former Wright Field area now occupied by the USAF Museum beyond it to the south, turning just south of due east at Wright, past a road bridge overhead, and then north-northeast, on the curve at MP 200, past Intermediate Signals at MP 200, along the southeast side of the Patterson Field area of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, past the Maple Avenue road bridge overhead, the 10,200 ft. siding at CP 198 (MP 198.0), where there is a spur for the USAF power plant on the north side, Kaufman Avenue alongside to the south, a divded road alongside to the north, a grade crossing with Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, a detector at "Fairborn" (MP 197.0), the SWPC Plant on the south side, CP 195, where a spur heads southeast to the SWPC quarry and plant and there were once spurs into Wright-Patterson AFB on the north side, the Xenia Avenue grade crossing, grain elevators on the south side, Osborn, CP 193, a grade crossing with Snider Road, a grade crossing with Enon Road, CP 190 (MP 190.0), at the west end of a 10,400 ft. controlled north side siding, with a spur on the south side, I-70 on the north side, I-70 bridging overhead, Sniderville (MP 189), an erstwhile Big Four line once trailing in on the north side at the junction with the Maitland Secondary Track (the former Erie Dayton Branch to Marion), heading northeast (i.e., on the north side), at CP 188/Cold Springs (MP 188.2), and a grade crossing, within the siding, ending at MP 187.9.

The line turns east-northeast, past Durbin, and then just south of due east, with a 45 mph speed restriction on the curve between MP 187.7 and MP 187.2, past the Cemetery Road overpass, a cutting at MP 186, a bridge over the Mad River, Mad River, West End, where a spur once trailed in from the north, MP 184.8, where the maximum speed drops to 45/40, with a local restriction to 20 mph from MP 184.8 to MP 183.5, and a 15 mph speed restriction from MP 183.5 to MP 183.0, both through downtown Springfield, past the Fountain Avenue grade crossing, the West Main Street grade crossing, a grade crossing, the Limestone Street overpass, and a grade crossing, to the wye junction on the north side, with the Catawba Secondary Track (now the Indiana & Ohio Railway), at CP 183 (MP 183.0), where the erstwhile former PRR Lebanon line once trailed in from the south.