Galion to Berea

From the junction (30 mph on the junction) between the former Conrail Indianapolis Line, coming from the southwest, formerly joint Big Four and Erie, and the former Conrail (Big Four) Columbus Line, coming from the south-southwest, at CP 80 (MP 80.3), where the erstwhile Erie headed east-northeast the former Big Four heads north-northeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 70 mph for intermodal trains, 50 mph for some freight trains, and 40 mph for general merchandise trains, past the 5,510 ft siding at Galion (MP 79.0), and the angled flat crossing with southeast quadrant connector (50-40-40 on the junction and crossing) allowing access to/from Pittsburgh, with the former CR/PRR Fort Wayne Line at CP 75/Crest (MP 75.7), beneath a road bridge overhead.

Single track, CTC, starts and there is a dragging equipment detector at CP 71 (MP 70.4), as the line continues north-northeast past Vernon, where an erstwhile PRR line once crossed on the flat, a hot box detector at "Shelby" (MP 67.3), the 3,510 ft. siding and flat crossing (50-40-40 on the crossing) with the CSX (former B&O) Mansfield branch at Shelby (MP 67.2), Shiloh, a dragging equipment detector at MP 61.3, a turn northeast, the flat crossing (50-40-40 on the crossing) with the CSX (former B&O) Chicago line at CP 54 (MP 54.5), where the Wheeling & Lake Erie comes alongside to the northwest, a detector at "New London" (MP 50.5), New London, and the flat crossing (50-40-40 on the crossing) with the Wheeling & Lake Erie, turning away east, at CP 46/Hiles (MP 46.9), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, resume.

There are dragging equipment detectors at "Rochester" (MP 41.9), the start of single track, CTC,  the flat crossing (50-40-40 on the crossing) with the Wheeling & Lake Erie and the 4,800 ft. siding at CP 37/Huff (MP 37.0), Wellington, where the erstwhile Lorain Ashland & Southern Railroad once crossed on the flat, a detector at "La Grange" (MP 32.3), La Grange, the flat crossing with the CSX (former B&O) Lorain branch (50-40-40 on the crossing) at Grafton (MP 25.4), Farm, North Eton, a detector at "Columbia" (MP 19.0), Columbia, the resumption of Two Main Tracks, CTC, at CP 17 (MP 17.4), and the junction with the Water Level Route (former Conrail, now NS from the west and CSX to the north-northeast) at Berea (MP 12.5), where the former Big Four continues northeast, on the south side of the still-extant (but out-of-use) brick tower, to Short Line Junction and the erstwhile Cleveland Union Terminal.