London to Columbus

From the junction with the Xenia Secondary (former PRR St. Louis line), trailing in from the west-southwest at CP 163/London (MP 162.7), where the former Big Four once continued east after an acute-angled flat crossing with the former PRR, and the 5,400 ft. controlled siding, east of the junction, today's line turns onto the former PRR heading east-northeast, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 50 mph for intermodal trains and 40 mph for other freight trains, past a crossover at CP 160, a 40 mph speed restriction on Track 1, from MP 160.4 to MP 151.4, detectors at "Glade Run" (MP 157.8), Glade Run, and West Jefferson, turning just north of due east, past crossovers at CP 150, the 5,280 ft. siding at CP 147 (MP 147.5), and the 5,808 ft. siding at CP 146 (MP 146.2)

There is a wye on the north side with the south entrance to Buckeye Yard, west leg at CP 145 (MP 145.2), east leg trailing in at CP 144 (MP 144.7), detectors at "Miami Outbound Track" near the same spot, a turn east-southeast, the former Big Four line from London (no longer a through route) trailing in on the south side (and once making a flat crossing to continue east-northeast) at Miami Crossing, a turn to the east, the former B&O line from Cincinnati trailing in on the south side at CP 139/Russ (MP 139.7), the flat crossing and junction with the former Conrail Western Branch and the flat crossing with the CSX (ex-C&O) Russell to Toledo line at Scioto/LM Cabin (MP 138.9), where the line turns northeast and bridges over the Scioto River, a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 138.8 to MP 138.0, the former PRR line (no longer a through route) from Logansport, IN, trailing in from just north of due west at the former location of the erstwhile Union Station, and CP 138/Grant (MP 138.0), where the joint former PRR and former B&O line to Newark heads east and the former Conrail (Big Four) Columbus Line heads north.