Springfield to London

From the wye junction on the north side, with the Catawba Secondary Track (now the Indiana & Ohio Railway), at CP 183 (MP 183.0), where the erstwhile former PRR Lebanon line once trailed in from the south, the line heads east-southeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 45 mph for intermodal trains and 40 mph for other freight trains, but with local restriction 25 mph, past the wye connection track (east leg of the wye) trailing in on the north side, a grade crossing, CP 182 (MP 182.2), the former location of the erstwhile Detroit, Toledo & Ironton station spur on the north side, Carney, where that spur once made a flat crossing, and there is now a connector on the south side to the former DT&I main line, and a bridge over that main line.

The line turns just south of due east, with a 45 mph speed restriction on the curve at MP 181, past MP 177, the Fletcher Road grade crossing, the 5,000 ft. controlled siding starting at CP 176 (MP 176.5), summit of a grade, with the New Love Road grade crossing (MP 176) in the siding, Brooks, the end of the siding at CP 175 (MP 175.4), Plattsburg, a detector at "Plattsburg" (MP 172.4), MP 172, a grade, uphill to the east, Myers, West London, a 35 mph speed restriction over London street crossings, a grade crossing, a signal bridge overhead, grain silos on the north side, and the junction with the Xenia Secondary (former PRR St. Louis line), trailing in from the west-southwest at CP 163/London (MP 162.7), where today's line turns onto the former PRR heading east-northeast, and the former Big Four once continued east after an acute-angled flat crossing with the former PRR, and the 5,400 ft. controlled siding, east of the junction.