Hearne to Corsicana

From the wye junction made by the Flatonia line on the west side of the UP Bryan sub. (the former Houston & Texas Central, later, SP, line between Houston and Corsicana/Dallas) at Hearne (MP 120.7), where there is a yard, the line turns north-northwest as the UP Ennis sub., single track, CTC, with speed limit 30 mph once the curving wye track is cleared, past the connection(s) and flat crossing with the UP Hearne sub. between San Antonio and Longview, at Austin Junction (MP 120.9), where it turns north and the north-northwest again, the 8,545 ft. siding at Seger (MP 122.9 - MP 124.5), where the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, a detector at MP 127.9, Calvert, where there was once a MoPac line west-southwest to that railroad's Houston to Dallas line, and the line turns just west of due north, Hammond (MP 136.5), where it turns north-northeast, Wootan, where there was once a branch west to Wootan Wells, a detector at MP 139.7, Hogg, and the 9,791 ft. siding at Bremond (MP 141.8 - MP 143.6), where there was once a branch northwest to Marlin.

There is a detector at Twin Oaks (MP 147.0), where the spur from the Twin Oaks Power Plant trails in on the east side, a turn north and later north-northwest again, the 12,832 ft. siding at Kosse (MP 153.1 - MP 155.5), a turn north, a detector at Thornton (MP 161.0), where Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, has superseded the CTC, a turn just east of due north, a detector at MP 166.1, the 8,100 ft. siding at Groesbeck (MP 169.5), Doyle, a detector at MP 175.0, a gradual curve to the north, Springfield (Mexia Junction), where an erstwhile H&TC line from Jewett and Houston once trailed in on the east side and an erstwhile Burlington-Rock Island (former Trinity & Brazos Valley) line once crossed on the flat, Mexia (MP 181.0), where the line angles just east of due north, the 8,293 ft. siding at Gude (MP 186.5), Wortham (MP 188.4), a detector at MP 189.9, Currie, a detector at MP 196.0, and Richland, a turn north-northwest, the 8,412 ft. siding at Angus (MP 203.9), a detector at MP 205.1, a turn to the north, and the 7,551 ft. siding at Corsicana (MP 208.6 - MP 210.2), where an erstwhile Cotton Belt line from Hillsboro once trailed in from the west (and/or made a flat crossing) and the former Cotton Belt line to Big Sandy, Texarkana, and St. Louis splits off just north of due east, on the east side of the former H&TC/SP line to Dallas, which continues just west of due north.