Attalia to Wauhatchie

From the 8,476 ft. siding at Attalia (MP 87.2), where there is a flat crossing (30 mph on the crossing) with the CSXT (former L&N), and a wye junction on the east side with the branch to Gadsden and the Alabama Power Gadsden Steam Plant, on the rump of the erstwhile TAG line to Chattanooga and Southern line to Rome, the line heads north-northeast, single track, Automatic Block Signals, Train Orders, maximum speed 55 mph, but with local 30 mph speed restriction to MP 86.2, past Reeseville, the 8,941 ft. siding at Crudup (MP 79.7), a detector at MP 77.1, a 9-car south-facing spur at Keener (MP 74.6), the 5,848 ft. siding at Flanders (MP 70.1), a 101-car dual-ended spur at Collinsville (MP 65.6), a detector at "Collinsville" (MP 64.2), the 5,854 ft. siding and 7-car spur at Porterville (MP 61.0), the 16-car south-facing spur at Colibran (MP 56.5), the 10-car north-facing spur at Vulcraft, Inc. (MP 54.7), a detector at MP 55.5, the 8-car north-facing spur at Game Time (MP 53.6), a 30 mph speed restriction through Fort Payne (MP 51.5 to MP 49.5), and the 9,386 ft. siding and 83-car spur at Fort Payne (MP 50.7).

There is a 23-car dual-ended spur at Ga-Ala Ore (MP 48.5), the 24-car south-facing spur at Heil Co. (MP 47.3), an 8-car north-facing spur at Merico Inc. (MP 46.4), a 55-car dual-ended spur at Hale Coal Co. (MP 45.2), Allen Switch, a 25-car north-facing spur at Vulcraft (MP 44.1), Price, a detector at "Valley Head" (MP 42.2), a 40 mph speed restriction through Valley Head (MP 40.5 to MP 39.5), the 6,853 ft. siding and 18-car spur at Valley Head (MP 40.2), James, the 6,393 ft. siding at Battelle (MP 33.9), the border between Alabama and Georgia, a 20-car south-facing spur at Sulphur Springs (MP 31.3), and a detector at MP 28.4, before the line turns north, past Cloverdale, an 80-car dual-ended spur at Rising Fawn (MP 25.7), and just east of due north, past a detector at "Trenton" (MP 19.0), the 6,171 ft. siding and 12-car spur at Trenton (MP 17.9), a 9-car north-facing spur at Alloy Fabricator Co. (MP 17.1), and an 8-car north-facing spur at Bull Moose Tube Company (MP 16.8).

The line turns northeast, past New England, a detector at MP 14.6, a 50 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 13.2 to MP 7.9, Morganville, Wildwood, a detector at MP 8.2, a bridge carrying a CSX line overhead, the border between Georgia and Tennessee, the 6-car south-facing Wauhatchie Team Track (MP 6.0), and the junction (40 mph on the junction) between the joint CSX/NS track, coming from Stevenson, AL, to the west, and the NS (former Alabama Great Southern) line on its south/east side, at Wauhatchie (MP 5.5), where double track, Traffic Control (CTC), starts.