Birmingham to Attalia

At the complex of junctions at 27th Street (MP 142.0), where the old tower still stands on the south side, four tracks approach from the west-southwest, with a former Southern line departing north-northwestward at a single-track wye on the north side (10 mph on the junctions), and a double-track former L&N line departing northward within the wye at the west apex, crossing the double track east leg at grade on its way, and a connection departing on the south side, east of the east apex of the wye, to the two-track former Seaboard line that now starts parallel to the single track, former Southern main line on the south side, with the double track, Automatic Block Signals, Remote Control, maximum speed 55 mph, former Alabama Great Southern line alongside to the north, and the [closed?] SLOSS steel mill buildings alongside to the north of the AGS. There is a flat crossing with another leg of a wye with that former L&N line heading north, at the signals at 32nd Street (MP 141.8), with a spur from a plant trailing in on the south side, a grade crossing (32nd Street) just on its east side, a spur heading away southeast,  a road bridge overhead, a former rail-served industry on the south side, a grade crossing (at which the AGS has three tracks), a rail-served industry on the south side, extra track (siding?) on the south side, Avondale, a spur from a grain facility on the south side trailing in, a grade crossing, and Woodlawn Junction (MP 139.9), on the former AGS (now down to two tracks), where a line trails in from the west-northwest, a connector eases away from the ex-Southern, and a line once trailed in from the west a little further east, with a grade crossing just east of the junction.

The lines then curve around to the east, with speed limit 40-35, past a bridge over a road below, three grade crossings, Intermediate Signals at Brussells (MP 137.2), on the former AGS, where an erstwhile L&N line once crossed and the line becomes double track, Rule 261, and a grade crossing, turning north-northeast, past Irondale Junction (MP 135.5), where the line reduces to single track (25 mph on the junction), Remote Control, maximum speed 30 mph, start of the yard on the northwest side at Norris Yard (MP 135.1), the wye with the former Southern line turning east to Norris Junction, with the north leg trailing in at Pape Junction (MP 134.9), where the line turns north-northeast, the north end of the yard on the west side at Roebuck Junction (MP 134.3), a turn back to the northeast, and Watts Junction (MP 132.8), where the Outbound Freight Lead trails in on the west side and maximum line speed prevails.

There is a 5-car north-facing spur at Fibres South (MP 129.8), a 40 mph northbound speed restriction through Titusville, from MP 129.5 to MP 129.0, the 9,242 ft. siding, and 13-car spur, at Trussville (MP 128.6), where the single track line becomes operated by Train Orders, Cahaba, an 8-car south-facing spur at Plymouth Tube Co. (MP 125.6), a 10-car south-facing spur at Ball Metal Decr'ng Service (MP 125.5), an 8-car north-facing spur at Amerex Corp. (MP 125.4), a turn north-northeast, a detector at MP 122.1, Argo, a 15-car north-facing spur at Gardner Asphalt Co. (MP 115.8), a 15-car north-facing spur at Peace River Plastics (MP 115.8), a 9-car north-facing spur at Springville Development Corporation (MP 115.5), and the 6,304 ft. siding and 15-car spur at Springville (MP 114.9), where the line turns east, past a detector at "Springville" (MP 111.6), and then east-northeast, past McLendon, a 40 mph northbound speed restriction at MP 109, Caldwell, Woodall, the 9,393 ft. siding and 24-car spur at Whitney (MP 102.5), a detector at MP 99.5, Gilbert, Steele, a 25 mph northbound speed restriction, from MP 93 to south switch, Attalia, a detector at "Sibert" (MP 91.0), a lead at Sibert (MP 90.2), a 14-car south-facing spur at Noojin (MP 89.6), a 30 mph speed restriction through Attalia, from MP 88.0 to MP 86.2, the 8,476 ft. siding at Attalia (MP 87.2), where there is a flat crossing (30 mph on the crossing) with the CSXT (former L&N), and a wye junction on the east side with the branch to Gadsden and the Alabama Power Gadsden Steam Plant, on the rump of the erstwhile TAG line to Chattanooga and Southern line to Rome.