Riverton Junction to Hagerstown

From the wye junction and flat crossing (10 mph on the east and south quadrant connectors and flat crossing) with the line from Manassas Junction at Riverton Junction (MP 58.7/59.0), where there is a 14-car spur, the line turns north, and then north-northeast, past a detector at MP 58.1, a crossover at Ashby (MP 56.9/57.0), a 14,256 ft. siding, from Success (MP 53.1/.2), where there is a spur on the west side for the Virginia Inland Port, to Marsh Run (MP 51.9/52.0), Intermediate Signals at MP 48.5/.6, Intermediate Signals at Boyce (MP 45.9/46.0), a detector at MP 45.0, Intermediate Signals at MP 42.7/.8, a 5,280 ft. siding, from Berryville (MP 39.7/.8) to Audley (MP 38.5/.6), and Intermediate Signals at MP 36.1/.2.

The line crosses from Virginia into West Virginia, and passes Intermediate Signals at MP 32.7/.8, Intermediate Signals at MP 30.1/.2, a detector at MP 29.5, a flat crossing with the ex-B&O Harpers Ferry to Winchester line at Charlestown (MP 27.9/28.0), a connector to that line on the east side at Belt Junction, a 5,750 ft. siding from Daniels (MP 24.5/.6) to Shenandoah Junction (MP 22.7/.8), where there is a connector on the east side to the ex-B&O East End, a bridge over the former B&O, Intermediate Signals at MP 20.1/.2, a 6,684 ft. siding, from Morgan (MP 18.1/.2) to Shepardstown (MP 16.7/.8), where the line turns east,  past a bridge over the Potomac River,  turning north, past a detector at MP 14.4 and Intermediate Signals at Antietam (MP 14.3/.4).

There are Intermediate Signals at Mondel (MP 11.0/.1), Intermediate Signals at Grimes (MP 8.4/.5) adjacent to a bend on the river, to the west, Spielman, Intermediate Signals at St, James (MP 5.3/.4), a turn east-northeast and the start of double track at Vardo (MP 2.7/.8), and the junction between the CSX line from Winchester, and NS line from Front Royal (Riverton Junction), at Hager (MP 74.8), whence the Hagerstown Secondary heads northeast.