Roanoke to Riverton Junction

There is a crossover at Randolph Street (MP 257.4/239.3), where there is a wye connection to the Winston-Salem line on the south side, the line across the Blue Ridge continues just north of due east, and the Hagerstown line splits off to the north, the double-track line heads north, past a crossover at 65 Crossover (MP 238.9/239.0), a crossover at 95 Crossover (MP 237.9/238.0), the end of double track at North Roanoke (MP 236.9/237.0), turning northeast, past Intermediate Signals at Hollins (MP 234.4/.5), the junction with the Cloverdale Branch to the northwest and start of a 5,670 ft. siding at Cloverdale (MP 231.9/232.2, reaching to Coling (MP 230.9/231.0), Cash, a 5,942 ft. siding from Troutville (MP 228.1/.2) to Kinsey (MP 226.7/.8), a detector at MP 224.6, Intermediate Signals at Nace (MP 224.5/.6), Intermediate Signals at MP 222.2/.3, and a 6,322 ft. siding from Lithia (MP 219.3/.4) to Ellis Run (MP 217.9/218.0).

The James River, and the CSX James River Line on the far bank, come alongside at the Intermediate Signals at Buchanan (MP 214.4/.5), as the line becomes very curvy, still heading genrally northeast, along the south bank of that river, past Intermediate Signals from Calera (MP 211.0/.1), a detector at MP 208.9, a 6,018 ft. siding from Arcadia (MP 208.1/.2) to Solitude (MP 206.9/207.0), Intermediate Signals at MP 203.6/.7, Intermediate Signals at MP 200.9/201.0, a bridge over the river and the CSX line as the ex-N&W leaves the river, Intermediate Signals at Natural Bridge (MP 197.8/.9), a detector at MP 197.8, and a 5,563 ft. siding, from Glasgow (MP 195.3/.4), past a crossover and junction with a connector south to the CSX James River sub. at CSX Connection (MP 194.9/195.0), to Emil (MP 194.3/.4).

Now much less curvy, the line passes Intermediate Signals at MP 192.6/.7, Intermediate Signals at MP 189.6/.7, an 8,061 ft. separated siding, from Loch Laird (MP 186.5/.6) to Buena Vista (MP 184.9/185.0), where a spur remains of the erstwhile C&O connector to the erstwhile B&O line from Lexington to Staunton, a jog northwest and tehn curvily northeast again, a detector at MP 180.9, Intermediate Signals at Riverside (MP 179.6/.7), a 6,012 ft. siding, from Twin Falls (MP 176.1/.2) to Midvale (MP 174.9/175.0), Intermediate Signals at Marlbrook (MP 171.6/.7), the start of double track at Vesuvius (MP 168.7/.8), the end of double track at Pkin (MP 165.5/.6), a detector at MP 164.6, a jog west-northwest and then north-northeast, Intermediate Signals at Lofton (MP 162.0/.1), and Intermediate Signals at Greenville (MP 158.9/159.0).

The line turns east, past Intermediate Signals at Wilda (MP 155.9/156.0), a 5,842 ft. siding from Stuarts Draft (MP 152.9/153.0) to Lipscomb (MP 151.7/.8), and Intermediate Signals at Ladd (MP 149.0/.1), east-northeast, past a detector at MP 148.1, Intermediate Signal at Lyndhurst (MP 147.1/.2), and a 4,436 ft. siding from Waynetex (MP 114.7/.8) to DuPont (MP 143.7/.8), north-northeast below a bridge carrying the former C&O main line, now operated by the Buckingham Branch Railroad, overhead, past the Yard, Interchange on the west side with the Buckingham Branch Railroad, and 5,383 ft. siding from Waynesboro (MP 142.5/.8) to Russell (MP 141.5/.6), Intermediate Signals at Dooms (MP 139.2/.3), a 5,872 ft. siding, from Spring (MP 136.3/.4) to Sampson (MP 135.1/.2), a detector at MP 134.4, Intermediate Signals at Harriston (MP 132.1/.2), and Intermediate Signals at Grottoes (MP 128.3/129.2).

There is a turn curvily northeast, along the east side of the Shenandoah River, at Port Republic, past a 5,155 ft. siding from Lynnwood (MP 125.5/.6) to Lewis Run (MP 124.3/.4), Intermediate Signals at Power Dam (MP 121.2/.3), a detector at MP 119.8, Intermediate Signals at Island Ford (MP 118.7/.8), Intermediate Signals at Merck (MP 115.9/116.0), and a turn curvily north, past the junction with the Chesapeake Western, trailing in on the west side, at Elkton (MP 112.5/.6), Intermediate Signals at North Elkton (MP 110.5/.6), the start of double track at Shenandoah (MP 107.9/108.0), and the end of double track at Junior Avenue (MP 105.7/.8).

The line turns curvily northeast, following the river, past a detector at MP 103.9, Grove Hill, and Intermediate Signals at MP 102.5/.6, moving away from the river past Intermediate Signals at MP 100.1/.2, Intermediate Signals at MP 98.3/.4, and a 5,781 ft. siding from Stanley (MP 95.3/.4) to Wilsons (MP 94.3/.4), just east of due north, past a detector at MP 91.5, north-northeast past Intermediate Signals at Spitler (MP 92.3/.4) and Intermediate Signals at Luray (MP 88.5/.6), east past Intermediate Signals at MP 85.7/.8) and Elgin, curvily north, past a 6,012 ft. siding from Vaughn (MP 83.7/.8) to Summit (MP 82.5/.6) and Intermediate Signals at Rileyville (MP 79.5/.6), and northeast, generally along the river, past a detector at MP 79.5, Intermediate Signals at Carvelle Crossing (MP 76.3/.4), and a 6,057 ft. siding frm Acorn Hill (MP 73.3/.4) to Bentonville (MP 72.1/.2).

Now following very curvily north-northeast along the east bank of the river, the line passes a detector at MP 69.0, Intermediate Signals at MP 68.1/69.0, Intermediate Signals at Manor (MP 66.3/.4), Intermediate Signals at MP 64.1/.2, and a 6,561 ft. siding from Warren (MP 61.9/62.0) to Front Royal (MP 60.5/.6), turning just north of due east to the wye junction and flat crossing (10 mph on the east and south quadrant connectors and flat crossing) with the line from Manassas Junction at Riverton Junction (MP 58.7/59.0), where there is a 14-car spur and the line turns north.