Norfolk Southern Crescent Corridor

The NS Crescent Corridor is a group of lines extending from New Orleans, Shreveport and Memphis, on the west, to the freight terminals in the northeastern US. It includes the lines covered in the indices for:


as well as the lines listed below. Long-term plans call for an extension from Harrisburg, north via Sunbury and Scranton to Binghamton, and then over CP trackage rights to Mechanicville, NY, on the Patriot Corridor. The Crescent Corridor was first designated as such in 2009/2010.

Sheffield to Birmingham

Birmingham to Attalia

Attalia to Wauhatchie

Wauhatchie to Chattanooga

Chattanooga to Citico Junction

Citico Junction to Ooltewah

Ooltewah to Cleveland, TN

Cleveland, TN to Knoxville

Knoxville to Bulls Gap

Bulls Gap to Johnson City

Johnson City to Walton

Walton to Roanoke

Roanoke to Lynchburg

Roanoke to Riverton Junction

Manassas to Riverton Junction

Riverton Junction to Hagerstown

Hagerstown to Harrisburg