Glenville (GV Tower) to Mechanicville

The line to Mechanicville departs from the east side of the Canadian Main Line at CPF 480 (MP 480.36), and heads north-northeast, past, single track, Automatic Block Signals, Rule 261, past a connector from the Canadian Main Line trailing in on the north side at CPF 478 (MP 477.96), turning just south of due east, past a connection with the former Boston & Maine, on the south side at CPF 477 (MP 476.94), start of a 9,500 ft. south-side Controlled Siding, just north of due east, past the end of the Controlled Siding at CPF 475 (MP 475.00), northeast, east-northeast, and east, past the yard at Mechanicville, where a line from Ballston Spa on the Canadian Main Line trails in on the north side, at the east end of which is the end-on junction with the former Boston & Maine at CPF-467 (MP 467.40).