Atlantic to Des Moines

From Audubon Junction (MP 440.7), where the other line from Rigg trails in on the north side, along with a short line and another Rock Island line, and a Rock Island branch departs to the south at a wye, and the 6,208 ft. siding and yard at Atlantic (MP 439.9), where a short line departs to the south, the main line heads just south of due east, then south-southeast and curvily east-northeast, single track, Automatic Bock System, maximum speed 50 mph, past a 1,000 ft. spur at Wiota (MP 432.5), the 5,058 ft. siding and 2,400 ft. spur at Anita (MP 425.5), and a 3,360 ft. spur at Adair (MP 418.8), turning very curvily east past the 3,530 ft. siding and 1,380 ft. spur at Casey (MP 410.1), the 11,647 ft. siding and 1,170 ft. spur at Menlo (MP 403.1), where a branch trails in from the north, an 8,726 ft. spur at Stuart (MP 398.2), the 1,040 ft. spur at Dexter (MP 393.0), and the 6,202 ft. siding and 1,680 ft. spur at Earlham (MP 387.4).

A branch heads south at the yard at Winear (MP 385.5), and the line continues curvily east, past MP 383, where the maximum speed drops to 30 mph, the 760 ft. spur at DeSoto (MP 379.8), the 1,040 ft. spur at Van Meter (MP 376.6), the 5,958 ft. siding and 480 ft. spur at Booneville (MP 372.7), and Commerce, where the line turns northeast to the junction with a C&NW (former M&StL) line trailing in from the west at CNW Junction (MP 362.7), where there is a wye with its east apex at the yard at West Des Moines (MP 362.6), where Two Main Tracks start, heading east and east-northeast, with the line joint with the C&NW, with the former right-of-way of the Rock Island alongside to the north, and four miles later a maximum speed of 20 mph

The line turns roughly east, past a Milwaukee Road line tailing in on the north side, where the line takes up the alignment of the Rock island with the former M&StL alignment alongside to the north,  the junction with a former CGW line coming from the south at at CNW Junction (MP 358.6), the flat crossing with the Des Moines Union at DMU Crossing (MP 358.3), a bridge over the Des Moines River, other former alignments alongside to the south, the yard (maximum speed 10 mph) at Des Moines (MP 357.8), the flat crossings with the Des Moines Union/C&NW and Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern at MP 356.2, and the yard and flat crossing with connectors in all four quadrants with the Rock Island "Spine Line" at Short Line Junction (MP 355.6).